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Houdini 液体流体特效教程 HOUDINI制作河水流淌效果


本套Houdini流体教程我们将在这里学习如何在FLIP中模拟和渲染快速移动的河流的所有知识!在本课程中,我们将学习如何设置河流的初始状态,水源和碰撞特效,以控制流体的行为,然后设计制作流动的喝水!我们还将花一些时间在湿贴图生成上,以显示湿的碰撞体表面,在液体表面添加非模拟的细节,液滴喷涂以及其他阴影,照明和渲染策略,以使其看起来尽可能好。在此过程中,我将讨论您在使用FLIP时可能会遇到的许多最常见的问题,尤其是在高分辨率下,今天学习HOUDINI制作水流以及应对它们各种问题的项目策略和解决方案,CGCIRCUIT APPLIED HOUDINI LIQUIDS II. 本套HD教程有各种很酷的技巧。

Applied Houdini is back for Fluids II – Rapid rivers, where we’re going to learn all about how to simulate and render a fast-moving river in FLIP! In this lesson, we’ll learn how to set up the river’s initial state, sourcing, and collisions to control the behaviour of the fluid result, and then how to design the whitewater that flows along with it! We’ll also spend time on wetmap generation in order to show wet collider surfaces, add non-simulated detail to the liquid surface, droplet sprays, and other shading, lighting, and rendering strategies to make it look as good as possible. Along the way, I’ll talk about many of the most common problems you might experience with FLIP, especially at higher resolutions. and strategies to deal with them. Altogether this is a big fun lesson that is packed with all kinds of cool techniques you’ll need to simulate and render fast moving water, so get started creating rivers today!


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