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Substance Designer悬崖岩石制作教程 SD石头风化侵蚀/裂缝细节


本套SD石头教程一共包含2套从石头形状到表面细节的完整教程,老外是两套分开出售的,上下两集共30美元。讲解在Substance Designer中制作石头效果,重点捕捉各种类型岩石的基本形状。我们将观察5种不同类型的岩层,并采用不同的方法提取基部形状,并捕捉其独特特征。学习制作石头的最佳解决方案和技巧,在第二部分中,我们将了解如何应用老化和侵蚀的表面细节。我们将从基本形状开始,慢慢在裂缝、坑等处分层。我将演示我多年来开发石头的不同方法,并分享需要注意的内容以及如何获得最现实视觉结果。学会如何获取石头基本形状并将其构建为逼真的岩石项目。教程完全按照CG项目工作流程,遵循分步格式,我将从头开始构建,目标是帮助到初学者和中级用户。

In this first tutorial, we’re going to focus on capturing the base shapes of various types of rocks. We will look at 5 different types of rock formations, and practice different methods to extract the base shapes and to capture their distinctive characteristics. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have a good understanding of the shaping techniques that I use in many of my rock projects. In this second installment, we’re going to look at how to apply aged and eroded surface detail. We’ll start with basic shapes and slowly layer on cracks, pits, etc. I’ll walk through different methods that I’ve developed over the years, and share what to pay attention to, as well as how to get the most realistic results. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have a good understanding of how to take basic shapes and build them out into photorealistic rock projects. Tutorial | Rock Creation Techniques Part 1: Shapes. Tutorial | Rock Creation Techniques Part 2: Surface Detailing. 作者: Dete Art Resources


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