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MG动画教程 AE卡通人物角色绑定 School Of Motion Rigging Academy


本套教程讲解MG动画中人物制作的整个流程,Rigging Academy教你如何在After Effects中掌握卡通人物角色绑定MG动画教程。在这期AE课程中,您将学习如何为人类,动物,外星人,机器人,卡通人物进行绑定,以及您能想到的任何其他类型生物的核心绑定原则和技巧。包括在PS中人物角色的制作分层、将人物导入AE、在AE中进行人物绑定、各种动画的制作等。一旦你了解了基础知识,你将准备好处理所有形状,大小和样式的角色绑定。您将做好充分准备,以应对最具挑战性的角色,并具备解决可能出现的技术问题的技能。

无论您如何做,角色动画都需要大量的专业知识和实践。但是,如果您使用的是2D或3D动画软件,那么出色的角色动画还需要大量的技巧。否则制作动画变得困难和效率低下并限制了角色的活动范围。良好的绑定配置技能将为您提供更大的运动范围,更重要的是使动画处理更快,更轻松,更直观,从而使您可以专注于最重要的事情:角色的表现。AE卡通人物角色绑定MG动画教程。School Of Motion – Rigging Academy. Master Character Rigging in After Effects.Learn to Create Professional Character Rigs using Duik in Adobe After Effects.Character Rigging is the unsung hero of Character Animation. If you want to have full control over the poses and performance of your Characters, you need a robust, flexible rig. The problem is that, until now, Rigging in After Effects has been a mystery-box of assorted plugins, various techniques, and a bit of voodoo.

Rigging Academy is designed to teach you how to rig almost ANYTHING in After Effects. In this course you’ll learn core rigging principles that can be applied to humans, animals, aliens, robots, cartoon characters, and just about any other type of creature you can think up. Once you know the basics you’ll be ready to handle rigging characters of all shapes, sizes, and styles. You’ll be well prepared to tackle the most challenging characters to rig, and have the skills to troubleshoot technical problems that may come up along the way.


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